What did we just do?

Ready for a long, long flight.

The past month or so has been solely focused on the move.  We were trying to sell furniture, a house and cars. We were really blessed that the cars went relatively quickly (thanks to family), that the majority of our furniture was sold (we gave the remainder away) and that we had a prospective buyer for our house.

I got a job in New Zealand rather quickly and gave my notice in at school. Simon worked for a family business and gave in his notice and they worked out how they were going to run the business without him. We had most things planned and things worked out without a hitch.

After some horrible (really terrible) goodbyes at the airport we hopped on a plane and off we flew. We were certain about our decision and were certain that we were good to go. Until…

About 19 hours into our journey I looked at Simon and went “Okay, we’re on the plane. This is as far as I had planned and prepared for. Now what?” We found that all that we had thought of was getting to the plane and that we were totally unprepared for anything further than the plane ride.

The red eyes were not because we were tired…

The next few days were spent discovering just how unprepared I was for this adventure. Sure, I know that things in SA were settled and that we were good to go, but I had no clue just how strange and foreign I would feel in a country that I was supposed to call home.

5 thoughts on “What did we just do?

  1. Oh sweetie. I get it. I get it all. It will all work out. God has ordained work, friends, a house and even where you shop. I know it’s hard. Remember our conversation? But God has called you there. You have each other and the Lord. Lean in. Call me or text me when you get your number. I love you.


  2. It can feel daunting because it is a huge decision to move countries and you have moved away from your friends and family. You have planned though- you had a job to come to and a place to stay. Everything
    you have known is different but you have to remember that the Lord knows how you are feeling and is opening doors for you. Even grocery shopping is a very different experience and a lot of things are nicer too. Sean and Juanita have gone through the same as you (our situation is quite different because we moved to our family) so lean on them. You are welcome to call anytime you want to chat – 0211663731. Lots of love Lorraine


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