Muriwai and Devonport adventures.

I think that one of the most exciting parts of moving to a new country is discovering all the new places to see and go.

Just about on a daily basis we have someone chatting to us saying “Have you been to… yet?”

This time round we explored Muriwai Beach and a small part of Devonport. We live on an island, so seeing the ocean is a pretty common occurrence. However, the ocean close to us is flat. No waves at all. So seeing waves, hearing the waves and smelling the sea is pretty uncommon. Its only when you don’t have the sight, sound and smell that the waves make that you realize how important they are to that beachy feel.

If you look closely, my face is a bit distorted in this panoramic pic. But the scenery was too beautiful not to share.

Thanks for reading and sharing our adventures with us.

One thought on “Muriwai and Devonport adventures.

  1. Hi Simon and Genna
    Thanks for your videoclips it’s nice and to c u guys are enjoying it over there u guys are looking good.


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